Three day camps for students in grades 5-8.

Girls Count: June 26-29 participants will be building, playing games and solving problems. They will complete STEM projects and use math to build, discover and analyze. 9am-4pm M-Th. Cost $60.

Digital Photography: June 19-22 Participants will explore digital photography and photo editing software.  Camp will include opportunities to computer indoor and outdoor images. 9am-4pm M-Th. Cost $60.

“Get Agcited!” July 17-20. Students will be introduced to agriculture, food, and natural resource topics and will learn about growing their own food at home as well as testing water quality and soil conditions and caring for animals. 9am-4pm M-Th. Cost $60.

All camps will be held at the Genesee Career Institute G-5081 Torrey Rd, Flint.

Call (810) 591-4462 to register.